May 2016


Saturday 14 May saw LYF’s mentor pairs take on a day of friendship, teamwork and peer support at Big Day Out 1. Teens and mentors converged on Bounce first thing, and once issued with their bouncing socks, the gang hit the trampolines and foam pits to a soundtrack of Bieb’s and Tay Tay’s finest. Some epic games of Dodgeball were had with some stellar individual performances, and it was clear that mentors and teens had a fantastic time and bonded over some super-tramp and Bounce B-Ball fun times. After working up a sweat at Bounce it was on to Curtin University for an afternoon of development and team building activities.


While noshing on Subway sandwiches the group was split into 4 factions, which will stick together for the remainder of the year to build comradery, inclusiveness and team spirit. The factions were given the task of identifying their group animal and three-word motto. The concept of democracy was debated and (mostly) applied. Once lunch was done, the following faction names and mottos were announced by teen representatives to much applause: The Wolves – No one left behind. The Sloths – Slow and steady. The Sugar Gliders – Enthusiastic, respectful, savage. The Praying Mantis – Fun, unique, groovy.


We then met the gang from Teamworks and inspirational Western Force players Pek Cowan and Heath Tessman who lead rotating activities with each faction, demonstrating that working together in a team helps you achieve great things, and communication amongst team members is key. There were plenty of laughs and our BDO theme of teamwork, friendship and peer support really shone through on the day, with awesome prizes being awarded to teens whose participation epitomised these concepts, including tickets to a Force game!


Thanks to all our amazing Mentors and Freelancers for their enthusiasm and commitment on the day – legends! Thanks also to the outgoing LYF Committee for their tireless work over the last 12 months.


By Richo and Moss,

BDO1 Directors