Committee Members


As President of Leading Youth Forward (LYF), I am responsible for leading and coordinating the voluntary management committee as well as strategic oversight of the organisation. This involves ensuring LYF continues to focus on its overall mission and goals, and managing the continuous development of LYF’s processes, governance and sustainability.


Through my involvement with LYF as a mentor and Fundraising Manager, I have witnessed firsthand the great work that LYF is doing, particularly the invaluable support and guidance LYF’s mentors are providing to significantly disadvantaged youth through ongoing mentorships.  I am confident that the skills these teenagers develop through participating in LYF’s events and initiatives will be invaluable as they finish their education, obtain employment and have families of their own.


I look forward to applying the skills I have developed in my legal career to the role of President, and to another fantastic and successful year for LYF.  I would love to discuss any ideas you have or opportunities you are aware of to improve and enrich the services LYF offers, ultimately helping to empower and enhance the lives of at-risk youth.

2016/17 will be my third year as a LYF mentor and I am proud to say my second as Treasurer of the LYF organisation. 


My volunteering experiences for both UCFK and more recently LYF have provided me with countless happy memories and have taught me a lot about myself.


In my full time employment, I am a qualified financial planner for HPH Solutions. The skills required for this role including project management, cash flow planning, interpreting financial statements and financial governance and reporting requirements continue to hold me in good stead for this position.


I am very excited and proud to be a part of this committee and organisation. It has developed strongly since its inception in 2011 and after finding my feet in this position in 2015/16 I hope I am able to develop the role further with our young committee.


I have been part of the LYF community for 4 years and I am now entering my second year as Vice President.  I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know all of the teens and watching them develop over the past couple of years.  In my role I work closely with the teens, their families and other support people such as Social Workers to engage them in the program and help to facilitate the relationships between the teens and their mentors.  


I have worked as a Physiotherapist for children with disabilities for the past five years.  I also volunteer for Uni Camp for Kids and have volunteered for several other camps for children and people with disabilities. I enjoy working with children and youth of all backgrounds and abilities to help them explore and reach their potential.


I can't wait for another amazing year working with the LYF committee, as well as the legendary teens and mentors.




My name is Cathy and this is my first year with Leading Youth Forward, but I've been working with children and teens for over ten years. I am a teacher and have taught in country Western Australia, Central America and now Perth.


I like all sports and have played, coached and umpired nearly every team spots there is! I look forward to helping make LYF events bigger and better than ever!

Firstly, I’m so excited to be on the LYF Committee for another year! I’ve been an active volunteer with LYF since its inception in 2011 and had many years of experience volunteering with our sister charity UCFK, including two years on the committee as a general member in 2008 and 2009.

I’m currently back at University studying a Bachelor of Secondary Education, inspired by the involvement I’ve had with youth through these two charities.

Mentoring with Leading Youth Forward is a fantastically fun and rewarding experience and as the Volunteer Manager I look forward to recruiting and managing our amazing volunteer base who make this program possible.


It's an honour to be elected to the LYF committee for 2016/17 and I am excited to continue the great work of my predecessors. I have been a volunteer with LYF for three years and have loved every minute of it.

As the development and training manager I source and provide career development opportunities for teens who wouldn’t necessarily get them. I also help put together the mentor training for new and existing volunteers as well as developing our feedback and education systems.

Having worked in a management role for 10 years, as well as having a Certificate IV in Training and Education, it's fantastic to have the opportunity to use my skills and experience to make a difference at LYF and help grow our organisation as we get bigger in future years. Its all up and up from here!


LYF is setting the standard for mentorships with at-risk youth in the Perth community. It has been so amazing to see this organisation grow over the past 5 years and I am immensely excited for what is in store for the years to come.


After three years on committee, with two years as the President, from 2016 I will be stepping in to an advisory role for Leading Youth Forward. LYF is a powerful grass-roots organisation making a difference by supporting and improving the connections that exist between young people from all walks of life in the Perth community. I am passionate about offering meaningful development experiences for at-risk youth so they can be directed towards more positive futures. 


Working with youth and children has long been an important part of my life. Through my time with Leading Youth Forward, my prior years with Uni Camp For Kids, my work with Save the Children in the Kimberley, volunteering with Eddie Rice Camps for Kids, and my work with children in my job as a Doctor at Princess Margaret Hospital, I have enjoyed some amazing experiences, extended myself personally and secured life long friendships. I encourage anyone considering volunteering with this organisation to sign up as I believe it to be a great way to both connect and to contribute to your community while also having fun and making friends.


As Publicity Manager in 2016, I will bring my expertise from the advertising industry to the fore, aiming to increase the presence of the charity through a number of communication channels. Having previously served on the committee in a number of positions such as Vice President, I have a wealth of first-hand knowledge of the organisation.


I graduated from the University of Western Australia with a BA in Communications with Honours and Diploma of Education, the perfect mix to invigorate our image in the West Australian community. I currently work as a Media Planner at a local advertising agency where my work involves connecting people with ideas through media. I have a lifelong love of learning across fields as broad as fashion, music, film and politics.





LYF is so lucky to have Georgia Kyros in the role of Fundraising Manager.

Georgia is currently studying at Curtin University and has a wealth of volunteering experience with organisations such as Uni Camp For Kids.

Georgia is constantly on the look out for grants and fundraising opportunities and would love to hear from you with any ideas.  Georgia's email is

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