BDO 1- Health and Wellbeing 

May 2015


Saturday 9 May saw Leading Youth Forward (LYF) tackle its first Big Day Out of 2015 head on! A day dedicated to putting a spotlight on health & wellbeing as well as challenging one’s limits in a more adventurous sense saw 73 teens and their mentors converge on the newly renamed and renovated HBF Stadium in Mt Claremont.

LYF was blessed to have enlisted some of Perth's finest to guide our teens and mentors through the diverse program. The more physically challenging side of the day was facilitated by the gang from Teamwork Development Australia (TDA) who got the groups working together on a tricky low-ropes-course. TDA also had the groups supporting one another in the more individual challenges that were the 'Leap of Faith' and 'Himalayan Bridge.' Climbing a 7m high pole and jumping off a platform at it's top barely the size of a shoebox to reach a trapeze high above the bushes is no easy feat!

Our friends from Fair Game led the groups through a mini-yoga retreat that had us all thinking more about our inner peace and wellbeing. A series of yoga poses representing different Australian fauna were shown and then smaller group turned these into fun and at times quite elaborate storyboards, which got shared with the group at large.

A great number of heavy-hitting questions surrounding drugs, alcohol, sex and other peer pressures were asked and answered during the session with Dr YES. Dr YES (Youth Education Session) are a group of medical students that have taken special interest in speaking to teens about the issues that really affect them. They were great for serious chats but also managed to generate a few laughs. Lots of very useful info got taken away!

Overall it was simply smashing day. While the weather was perfect, the real stars of the day were the teens who pushed their own boundaries in a day of challenges and showed their developing maturity in discussing many issues that affect their own health and livelihood.


A special thank you to the Telstra Kids Fun for supporting this fantastic event.


Dr Tim & Dr Falk
BDO1 Co-Directors