BDO 2 - Culture, Confidence and Courage 

June 2015


BDO2 was held on Sunday the 28th of June and encouraged teens (and mentors) to break out of their comfort zones and believe in themselves, summarized by Culture, Confidence and Courage.


Indigenous Hip Hop Projects ran the main workshop through out the day to help empower teens to make the most of opportunities in life for both personal and community growth.  For a lot of people it can be really daunting dancing in public.  It is always a nice surprise when a teen steps out of their comfort zone and shines in their new found confidence.


There was high level of participation from the teens, and many talked highly of the day as it came to a close. We were very lucky to have such a sunny & successful day at Santa Maria college.


Thanks to all of the mentors and volunteers who helped out. Good on you teens for making the most of this day. You all showed so much culture, confidence and courage!!


Brooke Rendel, 

BDO2 Director