Beach LYF Camp 2016

April 2016


Beach LYF Camp 2016:


Beach LYF camp was the biggest camp we have ever had at LYF.  With nearly 200 mentors and teens jumping in with both feet for a weekend of adventure, fun and personal development.  This year’s camp was held in March at the picturesque Ern Haliday Recreational Camp situated right on the coast in Hilarys.  The beautiful surrounds and salty sea breeze provided the perfect atmosphere for teens and mentors to get acquainted and build the foundations for their mentoring relationship. 

As Directors we asked that everyone on camp keep three themes in mind over the weekend; to have courage, show respect, and bring their best self.  We can say with confidence that these themes were on full display every moment we looked around; a teen trying something they weren’t sure they could do, a mentor sharing an encouraging word or pat on the back, people pushing through their personal boundaries when setting goals, or someone mustering up just a bit more energy when their gauge was getting low.


Activities were varied and teens were given the opportunity to choose from three different activity streams; Adrenaline, Adventure, and Explorer.  The caves proved to be difficult for teens and mentors alike with hot and uncomfortable conditions.  However, adversity reveals character and it was so inspiring to see mentors as well as teens help support their teammates with positive reassurance.  Other activities included archery, high ropes, surf life saving, orienteering, paddling, DIY LYF merchandise, goal setting and team building activities. Not only did these activities provide a lot of fun for everyone, they also provided opportunities for personal challenges along the way.


Mealtimes were animated, with teens and mentors having the chance to touch base and debrief on the days events and really build on their relationships in a less structured setting.


To help wind down after their jam packed days, teens were able to choose to participate in a variety of ‘chill out’ activities with their mentors before bed.  Including meditation and relaxation, star gazing walks and an inspiring acoustic music circle where we discovered some hidden talent.


The LYF Teen Concert on final night of camp was safely everyone’s highlight. Teens chose from a variety of performance workshops including circus and acrobatic skills, beat – boxing, chorus singing, improvisational acting and hip hop dancing which culminated in a series of increadible performances.  It was such a positive night with almost all teens (and mentors) overcoming their stage-fright to get up and get involved on stage.  We thank everyone for participating so whole-heartedly to make the night as successful as it was!


After packing up camp on Sunday the whole crew headed to Matilda Bay Foreshore where we held the inaugural LYF Family Fun Fair.  The afternoon provided an opportunity for teens to invite their family members to share in the LYF experience.  Mentors were also able to meet their teen’s family and guardians.  Some legendary volunteers from UCFK came along to help create a fantastic set up with carnival rides, fairy floss, sausage sizzle, face painting and a sports station.  We also announced the new LYF Youth Committee for 2016.


We cannot thank everyone enough for their energy, positivity and amazing attitude.  It made for a truly inspiring and action packed weekend.  Although this is just the beginning of the mentoring year, it was so inspiring to see a group of volunteers putting everything they’ve got into making a difference.

With gratitude and good vibes


Soni and Nyomi,


2016 LYF Camp Directors