Leeuwin Adventure

April 2016


“Hello my name is Mark and thanks to your support I was able to go on the Leeuwin [Ocean Adventure] for 1 week.  [It] was a wonderful experience!  I had the best time of my life, I learnt so much, like how to drive a boat and how to set sails.  Even though I was up for a total of 24 hours with no sleep I still had so much fun.  You have not only [helped] me board the Leeuwin; you have given me the opportunity to make long lasting friends and [see] what it takes to be a real leader.


Thank you so much


Yours sincerely Mark”


Mark (14) has been a teen in the Leading Youth Forward program since 2014.  In 2015 Mark was voted in by his peers as a youth committee member where he thrived as a young leader.  As part of his success on the youth committee program Mark was nominated for the 2016 Sir Frank Ledger Scholarship by his mentors at Leading Youth Forward (LYF).  After successfully winning the scholarship Mark was invited to embark on a 7 day voyage aboard the Leeuwin. 


On January 22nd Mark Perry embarked on a 7 day, life altering journey with the Leeuwin Youth Explorer Voyages program. Since then Mark was re-elected as a youth committee member for 2016. As a returning member he will be able to further develop the leadership skills he has learned with the Youth Explorer Voyage.  He has said before that one day he would like to be a mentor with LYF just like his role model and mentor Luc Tasker.


Mark has shown the whole community what can be achieved through the LYF program.  It is our hope he will continue to grow into a successful young man and help teens just like him in the future. 



Reid Smith,


Publicity Manager