New Mentors

April 2016


2016 saw LYF undergo its largest intake of volunteers. So many new and returning volunteers wanting to take on the position of a LYF mentor meant that, for the first time ever, not everyone was offered a position as a year long mentor.  Despite the difficulty in making final decisions about who was offered a position, LYF were thrilled with the excellent calibre of mentors to choose from.  As LYF continues to grow in success and quantity we hope to accommodate more mentors in the program.  We also strongly suggest any unsuccessful applicants reapply for next year. 


This year LYF had 84 new applicants.  On top of that, 81 existing volunteers reapplied to be mentors.  Because of this we were able to offer 93 mentoring positions (48 women and 45 men).  In each case the number of new and returning volunteers was about 50%.  On top of this, we also have a large pool of highly qualifies casual volunteers who can be called upon to assist LYF through out the year. 


We are so thankful for everyone who applied and hope that anyone who didn’t make it this year will try again next year.  Due to the increase in mentoring numbers we were also able to open more positions for at risk and disadvanged teens who will benefit from having a dedicated one on one mentor.



Juliet Williamson,


Volunteer Manager