LYF needs YOU

January 2015


Good bye 2014, hello 2015.


I can’t believe we are nearly finished January already! That means it is time to get back into our routine after a relaxing and joyous festive season (begrudgingly for some I’m sure). 


But when your boss has you planning for the EOFY or your lecturer issues your exam dates for 2015, spare a thought for LYF.  While you’ve got your journal open,  your smartphone calendar or your email reminders look ahead to these 5 dates:


  • Friday 6th March – Sunday 8th March (CAMP)

  • Saturday 9th May BDO1

  • Sunday 28th June BDO2

  • Saturday 5th September BDO3

  • Saturday 31st October BDO4


Congratulations…you’re already on your way to becoming a great mentor for 2015!  All it takes is 5 events during the year to make an incredible difference in a young persons life.  The teens in the LYF program really appreciate you making the effort, even if they can’t always express their gratitude. 


There are many benefits to being a LYF mentor.  Leading Youth Forward is a new organisation for young people, run by young people.  Our approach to mentoring is all about positivity and inclusion.  The culture amongst the mentors is the same.  LYF is a collection of young professionals who strive for a better future, it’s a great environment to dedicate some time to.


The committee look forward to meeting the 2015 mentors and following their relationships with their teens.  Thank you to everyone who signed up already and for those who have indicated their capacity to assist in a casual role.   LYF are always looking for new mentors as it is a significant limiting factor in delivering our services.  I challenge YOU to nominate one appropriate candidate.  Send them to the website


 Juliet Williamson, Volunteer Manager