New UCFT Youth Committee enjoys country life.

May 2014


The UCFT committee and charity as a whole will greatly benefit from the inclusion of a Youth Committee. The teens will be available and required to provide feedback on the activities provided to them and make comment on any new and emerging projects. In spending time as a Youth Committee representative the teens will gain experience volunteering, working in a group, setting and meeting targets and serving in a leadership role. Their service to the charity will be something that they can add to their resume and it would be a duty of the Youth Committee Officer to provide a written reference at the end of the teen’s service to the charity and be available as a reference if the teen wishes.


For our very first Youth Committee meeting we aimed to provide the teens with a relaxed opportunity for us to get to know each other, as well as have some fun. To do this we all headed out to Neale Pike's parents farm in Brookton  In attendance was three youth committee members, Diesel Harris, Prada Vilaisanow and Shelby Moretti as well as Sorcha, Soni, Neale and Roxy. Unfortunately Nysha could not attend.


The day at the farm was jam packed with activities. Upon arriving we were treated to scones and home made fig jam. We were then taken on a tour around the farm (all of us piled into the ute each taking turns to bounce around in the tray). We got to climb up the very large farm equipment, visit the dams, rescue a baby lamb that was wondering on its own and visit a pine plantation. Following this we headed back to the house where we tried our hand at some backyard archery and then shared a lunch together.Lastly we had our first official meeting. We went through the formalities and then got down to business.


All the teens were keen to contribute and comment about future Big Day Outs. We brainstormed activities that all teens would enjoy, got some feedback about camp and drew some new T-shirt designs.Overall we are very happy with how the first Youth Committee day and meeting went. Everyone is excited to see each other again and start our planning for the last Big Day Out for 2014 to be hosted by the four teens.Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Neale and his parents who made the day possible. They were so lovely and welcoming and answered all our questions about farming. All the teens said they had a great day.