LYF provides mentors and positive experiences to disadvantaged Perth teenagers in Year 8, Year 9 and Year 10.


Our organisation is affiliated with Uni Camp for Kids (UCFK) run by university students at the University of WA. We anticipate that most children who graduate from UCFK will transition through to LYF, providing teens with an extension of the positive support they received from UCFK at a time when they are making choices that will shape the rest of their lives.


Every teen at LYF is carefully matched with a volunteer mentor for the year, and together participate in the following:

Our Services

LYF holds a weekend camp in March each year, which is the start of our year-long mentoring program. Our weekend camp provides mentors with the opportunity to have fun with but also to build a strong relationship with their teen and set foundations for the mentoring relationship for the rest of the year.


Camp runs from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon and includes a range of exciting team building, leadership and specialist activities.


LYF hosts four, day-long Big Day Out events, staggered over the academic year, that involve our teenagers in positive experiences and team building activities. Through such events, teens and their mentor partake in a diverse range of fun and challenging activities that help build relationships as well as provide exciting opportunities that they otherwise may not have had.


Activities at a Big Day Out vary every year.  Examples of activities include laser tag, team building activities, careers workshops, stand up paddle boarding, sports, art workshops, rock climbing and much more.


Throughout the year LYF may also offer teens and their mentors the opportunity to participate in smaller group activities together, based on something that a teen has a particular interest in. Examples of this may include a drama workshop, ice-skating, careers expo or attending a football match, where it is more beneficial to have a small group of teens and mentors participate.

In addition to our events, mentors have the option and are encouraged to initiate and maintain phone and email contact with their teen to further develop the mentoring relationship.


A key focus of LYF is to ensure this contact is as beneficial as possible while staying within set boundaries for the protection of the mentors and teens, and as such we have strict policies and procedures in place that mentors must follow when making contact with their teen.

Interested in registering a teenager? Please visit our Information for Parents or Social Workers pages.
Or are you interested in Volunteering for LYF? Then visit our Volunteering section to find out more.





Since the begining of 2014, Leading Youth Forward has offered senior teens an opportunity to take a more active leadership role in the organisation. The Youth Leadership Committee are able to provide regular and timely feeback to the organisation regarding how the service is meeting their needs and expectations. The teens involved gain experience in volunteering, working in a group, setting and meeting targets and serving in a leadership role. These teens are selected each year on the March weekend camp by their peers and over the remainder of the year are engaged regularly in meetings and additional activities (public speaking, teamwork, vocational experiences).