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Frequently Asked Questions


Are Leading Youth Forward (LYF) and Uni Camp For Kids (UCFK) the same organisation?

LYF is affiliated with UCFK but we are not the same organisation. LYF is a new and separate charity run by a separate and correspondingly older Committee.


Information between the two organisations is not shared so if you have children involved in UCFK picnics and camps you must contact LYF seperately and complete the necessary forms for both organisations.




Who can be a part of Leading Youth Forward and what is the eligibility criteria?


Teens are eligible for our services on the basis of demonstrated financial, social, emotional or parental hardship. Teens must be based in Perth and be in Year 8, Year 9 or Year 10 at school.


At this stage our focus is on providing mentors, positive experiences and ongoing support to teens who were heavily involved in UCFK.


We anticipate that most children who graduate from UCFK will transition through to LYF, providing teens with an extension of the positive support they received from UCFK at a time when they are making choices that will shape the rest of their lives.




How do I refer a teen to Leading Youth Forward?


As LYF is a year-long mentoring program, a teen’s involvement commences with our weekend camp in March and continues for the calendar year.


As such registration and referrals for teens are taken in January and February each year.  We may have capacity to take on new teens during the year, however this is subject to funding and volunteering capacity.


If the teen you are referring was heavily involved in UCFK and has graduated from that organisation, they will automatically be invited to attend LYF. If the teen you would like to refer has not received an invitation, please Contact Us today.


If the teen you would like to refer was not a UCFK participant, please Contact Us (attention to the Vice-President) to register your interest in referring a new teen. Our Vice-President will be able to let you know what our capacity is to take on new teens and will send you necessary nomination and registration forms.