Congratulations on taking home the trophy for Leading Youth Forward's Annual prize - Volunteer of the Year. 
Towards the end of 2013 Sorcha came up with the idea of the Youth Committee. She wrote a proposal, came along to a committee meeting, and made a pitch we couldn't deny. Sorcha then saw the idea through and launched the first ever Youth committee to the teens on March camp. Since then Sorcha has led a group of four nominated teens to work together as a committee and plan their very own event for their peers. 

In accepting her award Sorcha said, 
"It has been amazing to be able to come up with an idea for LYF and then work with the committee to make it a reality. I am very greatful for the support and enthusiasm they and all LYF volunteers offered me over the last year and the teens in the Youth Committee. Ultimately looking back on the committee’s efforts I think that it is a venture that has been challenging and rewarding. It has been humbling to be able to provide even a small group of teens something that extended what they thought they were capable of and instilled a sense of confidence in their abilities."

Sorcha really is an outstanding volunteer for Leading Youth Forward.


In the words of Benjamin Franklin - Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn. 

Juliet and Monique were paired up as mentor buddies in 2014 - Congratuations on your mentorships this year and the amount of commitment you have made to organise additional catch ups with your teens. We know the girl's birthday surprise was a highlight of their year.

SORCHA STAPLETON, Ben Park Volunteer of the Year 2014



In 2014 we have had some amazing volunteers step forward and dedicate their energy and skills to our charity. Here is a little album dedicated to a whole collection of special LYF'ers who go above and beyond in their commitment to Leading Youth Forward.


As a new volunteer in 2014, Mombi really hit the ground running. Mombi is great with his teen, and encourages teens and mentors around him to get involved and have fun. Mombi also has made efforts to gain sponsorship for the organisation through his work. A gift that keeps on giving!

This picture was taken on camp when Dave stepped forward to run a fashion show activity with the girl teens. 
Dave is a volunteer who is always there in the last hour with a smile on his face and a simple "Yes" to any request. No drive was too far, no task too small, no activity too complicated. Thanks Dave!


Our Facebook and social media work horse. A brilliant volunteer who always says yes to any job that we ask her to help with.


Rachel is a great volunteer with LYF, while in her day job she works in graphic design. When we asked Rachel if she would help us design our Youth Committee tshirts she said yes and quickly came up with an amazing design!


Tessa is so much fun to have around and we are so glad she has joined LYF as a volunteer. In 2014 Tessa at times was faced with a challenging mentorship but she always approached it with energy, commitment and most importantly a big smile. 



As the co-founder of Leading Youth Forward this volunteer continues to give and give. In 2014 Roxy can be thanked for her ongoing guidance and her assistance with the Quiz Night and Launch events.


Thank you for being a bottomless pit when it comes to giving more to your teen AND to the charity. 100% commitment (as evidenced in this picture!)


Thank you for directing Big Day Out 3. There was such a great energy on the day and you led the group in some great positive conversations.


Thankyou for Directing Big Day Out 2. You had the teens and mentors leaping for joy!


Gibbo is a long time volunteer with LYF and has become known over the years for his ability to run activities with either a team building or mind boggling focus. This year we thank him for running activities including 'egg spaceship', 'marshmallows and spaghetti towers', and 'the chicken, the corn and the fox'. Gibbo continues to engineer great things for our charity!


A new volunteer to Leading Youth Forward in 2014 after having just moved to WA, Sarah gave the organisation so much positive vibes and energy. Sarah not only committed to attending all the events with her teen, but also to coming along and getting involved with the LYF community events whenever possible. Here she is on camp belting out the song 'Brave' from Frozen!


Big thank you's are directed to Matt for his support and enthusiasm this year in the areas of mentor training and youth goal setting activities.


In 2014 Lauren really went from strength to strength in her mentorship with her teen. We think Lauren and her teen have an awesome friendship and mutual respect. And we think they look more and more alike with every event!

Volunteer Awards 2014

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